We can’t seem to Break away from Oregon’s Tractor Beam

Well, we left Cascade Meadows with a plan for a quick stop at East Lake, Diamond Lake and Crater Lake parks, then head south to Carson City, but like they say, make a plan and let life change it.  With Bruce needing surgery to repair his dental situation our best option was to head to a specialist in Portland…seriously, we just can’t seem to break away from Oregon’s tractor beam.  Oh well if you have to be stuck somewhere for the summer, Oregon is a good choice!  So we re-planned a few stops to get some work done on our RV after Diamond Lake and Crater Lakes.  I had a great opportunity to learn some fly fishing from a great friend of mine who is a fly fishing guru.  Scott and his lovely wife Kathy joined us for a few fun filled days at East Lake. We were able to catch so many Rainbows, Browns and Kokanee that I lost count.. at least to how many Scott caught, my count was much easier.  I didn’t catch a lot but I’m sure it would have been zero if not for his guidance.  We also found time for some hikes around the area as well as time to sample Scott’s famous deep fried onion rings!  IMG_0798We pulled into Diamond Lake and selected our lake front site using recommendations from WheelingItIMG_0873 We met a great couple about our age doing the same thing we did by retiring early , selling their home and seeing what the road has to show them.  They were about a year ahead of us but we could really see what we had in store for ourselves.  They were so relaxed, healthy and Tan! Craig and Aimee, Thanks for showing us how it’s suppose to be done!  You never sat around waiting for life to happen you were out there making it happen!  Like I suppose most newbies, we were focusing on preps for what may happen, or could go wrong, or where we needed to be..  We saw from you guys that those things will probably happen anyway, but don’t put in so much time worrying about them or you will miss the point of this great adventure!IMG_0909

We went to the Valley of the Rogue State Park so we could make a stop at Henderson’s Line up to IMG_1887have them do a road performance assessment on our RV.  They have been around for 42 years and are great to work with, just hard to get a short notice appointment.  They were able to get us in and did a full evaluation.  We wanted to go ahead and get all their recommendations completed but it was going to take two days.  They were great and pulled out a 30 amp power cord for us to stay the night on their property!  IMG_1888One thing they also pointed out to us was our tires looked ok at first glance but they were over 9 years old.  Another expense we had to make.  They could of easily added it to the work they were doing but told us of a way we could use the FMCA Michelin tire program to get them cheaper than they could buy them for.  So after signing up for a FMCA membership ($50.00) we were able to save over $180 per tire X 6tires, that’s $1030 savings after the cost of the membership.  They even found us a place to get tires that were less than 4 months old!  They were real stand up folks.  I would recommend to anyone who has an RV and you don’t like all the rocking and rolling, give them a call if you are in the Grants Pass area and get checked out.  You also will get an accurate 4 corner tire weight to ensure you’re balanced and tires are at the correct air pressure.  I was way off on my tire pressure, and that alone made my ride much more comfortable.  Just from a learning perspective, its worth getting their $150 dollar inspection.  I was able to get in with the technicians under my rig and ask questions and learn a lot more to what’s happening under there.

After getting all the work done we headed to Neskowin just North of Lincoln City for a couple weeks.  We had to burn some days waiting for Bruce’s surgery appointment.  We really enjoyed the park.  Great people running the place, had a nice indoor pool and spa, as well as Tennis, basketball, and tons of hiking trails within just a few miles.  We found a great hike that took us to a beautiful falls , but not until after you crossed the longest suspension bridge in Oregon.  So Beautiful! IMG_0996 We spent a lot of time enjoying the Oregon coast and Beaches.

The two weeks went by so fast, we really enjoyed our time, but next we headed to Portland to get Bruce fixed up.  We stayed at a park called Roamers rest in Tualatin Or.  It was a little expensive but trying to find something for the 4th of July weekend was challenging.  We got Bruce in, and after a pretty extensive mouth surgery I can report he is doing great.  As we hoped this surgery would fix his dry eye and nose and after only a few days of recovery he is doing great and back on the mend!IMG_1946b  The good part of staying at the Roamers rest was it was just across the street for my Brother’s home so we were able to have a nice BBQ for the 4th with him and his girlfriend.  We were also able to hitch a ride with a good friend on his boat to see the Portland Fireworks show from the Willamette river.  Being on the water makes for a very unique way to see fireworks.  Although racing back to the boat ramp with hundreds of other boaters in different states of inebriation and sun exhaustion makes for a lot of excitement.  It’s nice not being in a hurry as you’re retired and don’t have to be anywhere the following day, makes it a whole lot more relaxing!

Now we are finishing the week back at the Clackamette RV park where we started in May.  Our new plan, starting next week sends us North to Vancouver BC to visit some relatives.  After that we will see where Oregon lets us go.

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