Just me and Bruce…

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell, just as we got on the road, Aurora had to make a Three week trip to the Philippines to take care of some Family concerns.  So, I have to hit the road.  Just Bruce and I.  Looks like three weeks of Guy time.  After pulling into Ainsworth State park we dropped Aurora off at the airport.  Now the learning curve begins.  How will Bruce do if I have to leave him alone? I have two more moves to make by myself as well as climb over Mt Hood…  As far as Bruce he had a little anxiety at first but quickly settles down after the initial closing of the door.  Luckily we purchased a Piper unit to help us monitor him as well as the RV while we are away.  It really gives us piece of mind as we can monitor temperature changes (if the AC shut off), noise, movement, as well as allowing us to look in and see what is going on as well as talk to Bruce if needed.  It’s all customizable to email or text you as well as record video of what is going on to review when needed.  Bruce did real well except for one trip to town to get some groceries.  He got a little panicky and tore up the lower 1/3 of the screen door.  This caused me to go back to town to get new screen.  Now I block the stairs when I leave so I can keep the screen in tact.  Bruce and I were able to go on several beautiful hikes to several water falls in the area.

Horsetail Falls

Horsetail Falls

Multnomah Falls

Multnomah Falls

Even with his little legs he did great on 3+ mile hikes.  Although one fellow camper commented that he might need a “Lift kit”.

After four days we packed up, hooked up the Toad and headed over Mt Hood.  Next stop Prineville Reservoir State park.  I was meeting a friend who was coming over with his Boat.  We did get to use it one day, then it just rained us out the rest of our time their.  Good thing we had a hard drive full of movies to fill in the raining gaps.  When the rain did stop we went on a few little hikes around the park and lake.  It was very relaxing.  Of course I put on 5 pounds.  I guess big Breakfasts, and Dinners filled in with Cocktails will do that.

On the road again, but only for about an hour down the road to Cascade Meadows to wait the last two weeks until Aurora returns.  After a few days the rains stopped and we had the great central Oregon weather!  Another relaxing time.  Made time to do some minor repairs, as well as wash both the RV and Toad.

I thought Bruce was having allergies as his eye was getting irritated.  I gave him some Benadryl for a couple days but it didn’t get any better.  I jumped on Yelp to find a Vet and found he had a fistula on his gum which caused an infection in his eye.  Now he is looking a lot better with his regimen of antibiotics.  We will have to get his Fistula looked at in Carson city after the infection is taken care of.  Poor boy,  although he does look cute winking at everybody.

Bruce winkBruce has really loved this new life style, so many new smells and things to see and interact with, not to mention a lot of Butts to sniff.  As for me, I have had a lot of good times mixed some small challenges these past three weeks.  I miss my baby so much!  One thing is clear to me..This is not a journey I would want to do without her.  She truly adds the fun and enjoyment.  It would all have been so much better with her to share the momments with.  Two more days till she is home (Wow I’m already referring to the RV as home!).  I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas morning…seems like it will never get here.  Fly safe baby.  Love ya!

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  1. Anna says:

    aaawww… sweeet! <3

  2. Anna says:

    Tito(uncle) David, I pray that your journey will always be safe, fun and memorable ^_^
    Godspeed! Shalom 🙂

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