House closed… Its real now!

IMG_1817[dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell the closing date finally arrived. We got everything to either fit into our RV and Truck or sold. We were fortunate to be able to give some items to our friends and family that they wanted or needed. We also donated about 10 truck loads of items to Good Will. We were determined to not store anything. We wanted to be truly free to travel where and when we wanted. We used a lot of creative ideas we received from the Minimalists, Zen Habits, and several Full time RVer’s from their Blogs. Thanks Technomadia and Gone with the Wynns.  You all were very inspirational in our process! One thing we worried about was what to do with all our pictures and videos.  We were able to digitize all our pictures and VHS tapes which will allow us to edit and use them while traveling. We still have a pretty full RV, but we have plans to get it down to a manageable and livable amount or “STUFF”.  Aurora headed off to the Philippines to take care of some family concerns but also brought 3 large bags (150lbs total) of clothes and gifts to all her friends and family there.

Our first stop was just 3 miles from our home at Clackamette RV park. IMG_1824 We were lucky to score a great spot right on the rivers edge. It was so nice to relax and just enjoy the area.  Its amazing what you notice when you have the time to slow down and really look.  I sat in front of the river and saw 84 fishing boats but only one fish was caught , while during the same time I saw one hawk and one sea lion each get a fish.   I guess there isn’t much worry about being over fished.. at least by the humans.

Bruce our 4 legged traveler is really enjoyed all the walks and smells.  He still gets a little nervous when we come and go from the RV.

We even had a gaggle of newbies come by our site. It is so nice to slow down and enjoy the moment’s instead of trying to pack in so much in a short time.  I still get that feeling that we are on vacation and need to cram as much in as I can, but that is fading.

IMG_0558We will update you as we move down the road, until then, get out and enjoy your life!  I checked, you only get one.

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