One down and one to go…

DSCF0317  [dropcap]W[/dropcap]ell I was able to get retired…sort of. I’m not technically old enough to retire yet being only 53, but due to my 18 years in the Navy this has allowed me to not have to continue working.  Either way it is pretty nice!  It was hard to leave my last company (more like a family) than I thought it would be.  Even though I was with them for only 7 short years they were truly a family for me.  I really owe it to them getting me on this journey.  I wasn’t much of a camper before I started work with them, and it seemed like everyone at that company had a real zest for getting out there and camping, biking, quad riding, hiking…  It seemed like each person I would meet got me closer to where I am now.  It was very easy to join in, and once we did we were hooked!

So, March 12th was my last day of work, then on the 14th my best friend and wife of nearly 30 years (June8th) kicked off our retirement with a trip to Costa Rica.  It was so relaxing and chocked full of new experiences.  (I will put together a separate blog for that trip.)   I have to admit several nights I would wake up dreaming about some work I had to get done or a project to complete, and for a second or two not realize where I was.  Even after I got back home I tried to help a friend “work” on building a deck and I must have somehow angered the “Retirement gods” as a part of the deck fell on my head rewarding me with 4 staples in my skull.  Ok, Ok I get it…No more work!

Now, just completing the final tweaks on the Motorhome, (I realize there is no such thing as “final tweaks”), getting rid of the last few items and waiting for Aurora to join me in retirement on April 17th.  After that we will close on the house May 8th and off we go.  We feel like kids before Christmas!  I hope I can keep this blog up and use it for a good record of our travels as well as entertainment for whoever reads it.

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