…And we have a date…Now what do we do?

Penguins Ok, huddle up we got a lot to do and not much time to do it in.  So we picked a date to pull the trigger… June 8 2015,  (Just happens to be our 30th wedding anniversary).  Sounds like a long way off, but when we start thinking about everything we need to do, it’s not far at all.   We have 30 years of accumulated memories and stuff to compress down to a 34 foot Fleetwood Expedition.  Well, it has 3 pop-outs so there should be plenty of room 🙂  I guess my 82 inch TV is out of the question.  Not only that but we have to sell the house, sell the extra car, ATV, Snowmobile, Wave runner…  Plus set up Insurance, mail forwarding, set up Toad, Plan how we will fill our days, learn to live on a realistic budget…

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